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The VSU Special Olympians recieved 25 medals during the Iowa Special Olympics.

The Vinton-Shellsburg United Special Olympics members did well at the State Olympics last weekend in Ames. The local athletes came home with nine Gold, eight Silver and eight Bronze medals, along with two more fourth-place and two more fifth-place honors.
Below is the list of medalists:
Justin Shaw- Pentathlon- Gold
Tyler Clark- bronze- 100m dash and bronze in running long jump (RLJ)
Leyton Aldrich- bronze in 25m walk- and silver in tennis ball throw
Beau Vinton- silver in RLJ
Zach Kramer- 4th in 100m dash- silver in shot put
Amanda Covington- bronze in 100m dash
Jonathan Kruse- Gold in RLJ, silver in 100m dash
Danita- Gold in 50m walk and bronze in Turbo Jav
Marissa Yessak- bronze in tennis ball throw, Gold in 50m walk
Ryan Lane- Silver in tennis ball throw, silver in 50m dash
Sage Holmes- silver in tennis ball throw
Rodney Uthoff- Gold in shot put, Silver in 200m dash
Melissa Young- Gold in Shot put
Noah Blix- 5th in softball throw, 4th in 50m dash
Nikki Bascom- bronze in softball throw and 5th in 50m dash
Cody Young- 3rd in 50m dash
Mikey Malmgren- Gold in 200m dash
Jr Coed- Nikki, Amanda, Zach and Beau earned Gold
Jr male- Sage, Jonathan, Noah, and Ryan earned Gold
See more photos, courtesy of VSU parents, below:

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