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John Betterton takes aim as the rest of the Cedar Shooters 'Black Team' waits their turn.

The V-S Red Cedar Shooters hosted C.R. Xavier in their first home meet of the season on Saturday, April 12.

Overall squad finishes:

1st Xavier #2 with 217/250

2nd Red Cedar Black Squad (Drake Tilson, Nick Stein, Sara Jorgensen, Wyatt Lebeda and John Betterton) with 199/250

3rd Red Cedar Gold Squad (Hunter Martin, Caleb Svoboda, Jake Reisch, Cole Garwood and Jacob Patrilla) with 182/250

4th Red Cedar “Cedar” Squad (Dalton Nelson, Kyle Jorgensen, Shane Monaghan, Jay Lovell and Alex Dick) with 179/250

5th Xavier #3 with 169/250

6th Red Cedar “Red” Squad (Ben Wood, Cole Emrich, Tim Haerther, John Eden and Logan Salger) with 169/250

7th Xavier #4 with 163/250

8th Red Cedar “Orange” Squad (Chris Ahlemeyer, Bastian Primmer, Hannah Hoepner, Kyle Henkle and Garrett Paustian) with 133/250

9th Xavier #1 with 127/250

10th Red Cedar “Blue” Squad (Emily Howe, Clark Robertson, Josh Shafar, Logan Holst and Ashley Venneman) with 112/250

Top Shot for the day was Xavier’s Jason Stock with 47/50. Top female Shooter was Xavier’s Carli Berutti with 44/50, (who was featured on a KCRG news story last weekend, here’s the link:

Our next event is another Home meet this Saturday, April 19th, where the Red Cedar Shooters host the Sigourney Savages. The meet starts at 9 a.m. at the Red Cedar Izaak Walton League north of Vinton, and the public is always welcome to attend.

See more photos of Saturday's event HERE.

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