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Ben Wood received the first place trophy after Saturday's bowling event.

Today, Berry's Lanes hosted the 13th Annual Zippy Midget-Jr/Sr Jet 8-9 Pin Bowling Tournament sponsored by Coots Material. Thirty-four bowlers participated in the bowling tournament. This tournament enables the Zippy Midget members to receive a strike for hitting down eight pins in their first ball. The Jr/Sr Jets get a strike if they hit down 9 pins in their first ball.

We had two bowlers who had great days and bowled a 300 game today. Congratulations to Jordan Schoettmer and Jacob Bunge!
Top ten finishers in today's bowling tournament:
1. Ben Wood 874
2. Jordan Schoettmer 812
3. Jacob Bunge 807
4. Jacob Gosse 786
5. Cole Garwood 776
6. Josh Staab 750
7. Kinzzy Miracle 721 - Tie
8. Tanner Cummings 721 - Tie
9. Carley Bendull 716
10. Alyssa Bunge 713

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