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Nolan Sagan led Vikings with 13, but they lost to Williamsburg Friday in Vinton.

The Viking basketball home winning streak is over.

Six-foot-nine Williamsburg senior Matt Heitmann and the rest of the Raider defense made scoring tough all night -and virtually impossible in the final nine minutes -- for the Vikings in their home opener.

Williamsburg led 27-25 with a minute to go in the third, and kept the Vikings to just 2 points for the rest of the game, defeating the Vikings 43-27. It was the Vikings' first loss on their home court since February 2011. Turnovers and blocked shots helped Williamsburg's defense.

The Vikings are now 0-2 on the new season'; they lost in overtime at West Delaware, 43-39, on Tuesday. They play home games Monday and Friday next week, and also the Tuesday and Friday before Christmas break.

Senior Nolan Sagan led the VIkings with 13 points.

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