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Way back in 1982, Max and Marian Madorin opened the doors to Moose’s Rollarena on C Avenue to provide recreational skating for the community and surrounding area. This past week I met with family members to honor the two of them by hanging a plaque at this facility that both of them loved so dearly.

It was really interesting to hear their stories of the difficulties to get approval to build the facility, the hard work and sweat during the construction and the glimmer in their eyes when they talked about the skate sessions and operation of the business. This was truly a Ma and Pa operation that the whole family helped with from day one until the selling of the facility to the Vinton Parks & Recreation in 1999.

The community really should be very thankful to the Madorin’s for their commitment to provide this roller skating facility and the great awareness to detail during the construction of every part of the building. This facility has seen thousands and thousands of people through the doors for skating, weddings and many other activities and should continue to do so for decades.

Here at the VPRD we are very thankful for all of the efforts of the Madorin’s and their thoughtfulness to allow the Vinton Parks and Recreation Department to purchase the facility keep the roller skating tradition going in our community. It would not have been possible for us without the generosity of John and Beverly Anderson back in 1999 and we are very thankful for their community gift to make it all happen.

The roller skating at 1703 C Avenue was all started by the dedication of the Madorin’s and now the Vinton Parks & Recreation Department plans to keep the 30 year old tradition of skating going for a long, long time.

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