We got an anonymous comment last week, from someone who probably is not a member of the Vinton Today Fan Club.

The comment read: “Vinton Today: 50% news; 50% asking for money. We get it...”

The writer was referring to our annual fund-raising campaign, which is winding down. Thanks to all of you who have donated, and especially we want to say thanks for the many kind words we have received over the past few weeks.

Since this person raised the question, we will gladly answer it.

Unlike most newspapers, who charge for just about every service they provide (more on that later), Vinton Today is NOT one of them.

We began Vinton Today with the goal of doing everything for free for our readers, relying on our advertisers and an annual fund drive from those who appreciate what we do to keep Vinton Today what it is today, completely free to you our readers.

In the past four years, we have conducted three fund-raising campaigns; the most recent one is going on now. During those three campaigns, we have written about 12 stories about the fund-raiser, along with information about how (and why) you could help.

According to our story counter, we have published about 12,500 stories on Vinton Today since March 11, 2010. Yeah, that seems like a lot.

So to respond to our anonymous comment-writer, we would say that 12/12,000 is actually .1 percent. Therefore, Vinton Today is 99.9 percent news, .1 percent asking for money.

And unlike the other news publications, it does not matter whether or not you respond to our request. Whether you donate or not, you can still read any story, any time. You can still submit an obituary or a classified, or a news item or information about your organization’s fund-raiser.

All for free.

Nobody else does that.

With virtually any other news source, you have to pay for each individual service. Need to publish an obituary? That will cost -- our family paid $75 for that service a few months ago? Want to publish a classified, or a wedding anniversary notice? That will cost you, as well.

And if you are a property owner, you even get charged, whether or not you subscribe to a paper or use any of its services. Virtually all newspapers receive money from cities, counties and school districts to publish notices and meeting minutes. This costs property tax payers roughly $100,000 per year, depending on the size of the county and number of newspapers which get paid to publish legal notices.

We publish those public notices, on Vinton Today, for free, like everything else on our site.

We've done this for four years and four months; now an average of 12,500 stories are seen each DAY on Vinton Today, all for free to all readers.

Your donation will help us continue to do so.

So please, join the readers who have already donated, take a moment, and send your donation in to: Vinton Today Fund, P.O. Box 477, Vinton, Iowa 52349

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Comments (3)

Dean and Valerie

I for one, truly appreciate the service you provide. I haven't noticed you driving around in a Cadillac...........

By: Dave Coots on May 30th 12:52pm
If all of the readers sent in a mere $10 that would HAVE to help out!
By: Patty Morgan on May 31st 1:05am
I really appreciate your help getting the word out for community projects and events. The recent Lions scrap metal fundraiser is a good example. We could not have paid for the ink to publish the list of acceptable and non-acceptable items but you posted it free for us to refer people to. It was the first time we've done this fundraiser and it was hugely successful, no small thanks to you and to the Vinton Municipal Utilities for getting the word out to everyone. More about the results later. Thanks.
By: Julie Zimmer on June 1st 6:12pm

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