This last week we lost my very first music teacher, Mrs. Wright. The name on her obituary didn’t stir any memory until I heard my husband ask me if I knew “Mrs. Wright.” The light came on instantly.

Mrs. Wright was the first piano player that captured my attention.

I remember how she would have us all come into the Music room, and we’d gather around the piano and sing. Every time I hear the song, “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain” I flashback to that music room at the south end of the basement in the old East School.

We’d slowly go over the verses, “She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes. Yeehaw!”

We would sit in music class and sing song after song, while Mrs. Wright seemed to seamlessly switch from one song to the next, it soon became my favorite class.

I don’t ever remember getting in trouble in this class, but I remember that this is where I got to play my first triangle, tambourine, maracas and other little instruments.

I remember the excitement every time I found out we had music!

I’ve found that throughout my life, I still enjoy my music. From the toe tapping songs, to the slow and mellow tunes to a little Phillip Sousa and a bit of country, throw in a few hymns and I’m good.

I’ve found that music is many times a balm to the soul in turmoil.

It expresses joy and sorrow.

It soothes babies to sleep and fills endless miles on a car trip.

Having the ability to play any kind of music, is a blessing. There are many time my piano becomes a direct expression of my mood.

There are times it takes a good pounding on the keys, or just plays a soothing tune. Sometimes it expresses my sorrow.

Whatever the tune, I realize it’s all Mrs. Wright’s fault for creating an atmosphere that made me fall in love with the action of playing music.

So Mrs. Wright, I suppose right before you got there, the angels were warming up their harps and I don’t know, maybe they played my favorite as they saw you coming, “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…” and when they saw her arrive at the gate, they all gave a shout of YEEEHAW!

R.I.P. Mrs. Wright.

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Comments (6)

What a lovely tribute. You stirred lots of wonderful memories. Loved Mrs. Wright.
By: Lu Karr on March 10th 1:58pm
Very nicely written Val!
By: Mary Robinson on March 10th 4:35pm
Thank you so much for the wonderful words.We miss her so much already. I will make sure her "boys" get a copy of this.
By: Barbara Ender-Wright "daughter-i on March 11th 10:23am
"Let's go fly Mrs. Wright, up to the highest height!" - Always a crowd pleaser.
By: Matt Millard on March 11th 11:44am
Thank you so much for this!! I know she touched a lot of people's lives, and it's ALWAYS good to hear! Thanks again!
By: Paisley Wright on March 11th 2:12pm
Thank you for reminding of this beautiful lady. I remember her sweetness and patience.
By: Jody Berces on March 12th 6:36pm

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