Did you watch the now-infamous interview with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman?

Did you hear him say "I am the best and if you try to beat me I'm gonna shut your mouth?"

And did you respond by saying, "Wow, what a jerk?"

If so, you are a" ludicrous" racist who "isn't ready for lower class Americans from neighborhoods like Compton (California) to succeed."

Yeah, some guy actually wrote that. He doesn't deserve to have his name or publication mentioned here, so you will have to look it up.

But there have been a few notable national publications with writers who immediately pulled out their deck of race cards in the aftermath of the Sherman interview.


Even some black athletes spoke out, alleging that Sherman has set back racial relations.

More nonsense.

The Sherman rant has nothing to do with race and everything to do with sportsmanship.

I grew up with posters of "lower class Americans from neighborhoods like Compton" on my walls, and every Sunday I watched the TV and yelled desperately in hopes it that my yelling help them succeed.

The Purple People Easters. Chuck Foreman. Sammy White. Almost all of my beloved Minnesota Vikings grew up in poor families, white or black. Francis Asbury Tarkenton was a preacher's kid. Alan Page, the famous defensive lineman-turned-Supreme Court Justice, was born to a family in what some identify as "the projects."

I was ready -- way more than ready -- for them to succeed, especially in the three Super Bowls I watched them lose. (And yes, Viking fans and sports history buffs, I know, I know: They lost four. But I was too young to remember the first one)

So, any big city lefty who tells me I am racist because I think Mr. Sherman should take a course in remedial sportsmanship obviously doesn't have a clue about what I think or feel, or why.

I wonder if people are like that are equally out of touch with the rest of America.

The answer, I fear, is yes.

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Comments (3)

Sammy White!!!! I was always Sammy in our neighborhood backyard games.
By: Darrin Lindsey on January 23rd 9:39am
By: Kathy Root on January 23rd 2:41pm
Well said Dean!
By: Randy Braden on January 23rd 7:00pm

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