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1974, my dad and mom posing in front of our Purple house

There was one thing about my dad that was also unique...well, more than one for sure, but one thing that stood out all over town.

He liked to do things to make people happy. And sometime he may not have thought it all the way through.

Like this time.

One day he asked my mom what her favorite color was.

She replied, "Purple".

Then thought nothing of it.

My dad decided to paint the house.

She still thought nothing of it.

He came home with 15 gallons of purple paint.

She asked, why...

He said, "You said you liked purple..."

So yep, if you lived here in the 70's, you remember the purple house.

To this day, I sometimes meet people from way back when, and they will say, now where did you live?

I simply reply, "THE purple house..."

They know.

At the time living in a purple house was a bit embarrassing until I saw my dad continue to stick out his check and proudly proclaim that HE lived in the purple house. I then assumed it was somehow cool.

I had someone tell me that they used our house to give directions to theirs.

Guess it worked.

So the moral of the story, if your husband asks you what color you like, and it's nothing you want the neighbors to know, better pick a different color!

I'm just glad no one told him they wanted to paint the town red...

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Comments (3)

1st of all Valerie, you have my sympathy, although I do not remember you as much I do have a few memories of your folks as I also lived in that same Purple (violet) house for my high school years. Reading about your Father has brought back a lot of memories I have of My parents During that time in the Purple house, As I believe we offered to paint it if your parents provided the paint, then we came the conclusion that we lived on the inside and do not have to look at it all the time. And yes to this day people know where the purple house on 5th ave. is. and if it was still purple, People on the Cedar would be able to use it as a landmark now.
Once again I am sorry for your loss and thank you for bringing back some good memories of the Purple house that was my HOME too.

Val's note: Yep, he was pretty proud of that purple once it was on, so sorry you had the privilege of embracing it! :)
By: Dan Ackman on December 10th 12:58pm
Your purple house reminded me of when my Dad painted our big house on West 6th street pink back in the 50's. I don't remember why but would guess there was a sale on pink paint :-)
By: Gretchen Holtz Kopecky on December 10th 1:59pm
Yes, what he said.
By: Karen Ackman on December 10th 2:03pm

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