Whatever you have planned for Saturday – and while I know there may be a few exceptions– nothing on your schedule is more important than being at the VSMS library (we now call them LMCs – Library Media Centers) at noon.

Saturday is Dec. 7, the date of the annual Pearl Harbor memorial service.

Mr. Alex Vasquez and his students plan a simple but significant tribute to the Americans who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor that brought World War II to America.

Mr. Vasquez has worked hard over the years to preserve the story of Pearl Harbor. He worked with the National Park Service to obtain a piece of the iron from the Arizona. His grandfather, a WWII Navy man, came home with a blanket from an American ship that had been sunk. That blanket is among the artifacts Mr. Vasquez will have on display.

Those who attend are likely to learn a few things about Pearl Harbor that they did not know before. But more important than teaching us new things, Mr. Vasquez is giving us an opportunity do to something that way too Americans do way too little: Remember.

So, this Saturday, at noon. Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School. Be there.

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