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Counting my blessings

By Valerie Close · 12:41pm November 24th, 2015
[VIDEO] In a couple days we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of our nation's most important holidays, yet one of the least appreciated. In our rush to get the Christmas shopping done, we put Thanksgiving right up there at the top of our “To Do” list. Because we have to. Thanksgiving is one of those times we need to all stop and sincerely give thanks to the One that made all of, well everything possible.

Don't waste time on winter driving safety

By Dean Close · 8:20pm November 20th, 2015
I used to think it was my job to warn readers of the dangers of winter driving, and trying to remind you all to keep your tires between the ditches and your bumpers and fenders to yourselves. I would tell you to stay home, slow down and leave lots of space between your headlights and the taillights of the vehicle in front of you.

Dear Editor, My granddaughter, Olivia, and I had a great time last Thursday night for a presentation on the American Bison and their relationship with the American Indian tribes, held at the Benton County Nature Center. It was a great learning experience for me and my granddaughter. What disappointed me was there were only 3 of us there to hear the story and to touch all the great artifacts that our nature center had to share.

For anyone as old as the Super Bowl or the Ford Mustang, Christmas can be a sentimental, even sad, at times, celebration. While we rejoice in our faith with the ones we love and thrill at the joy our children and grandchildren have when they help decorate the tree or see the lights or open their gifts or fumble their lines in the Christmas pageant, we also remember Christmases past and those who are no longer here to celebrate with us.

Say their names: Say them all, until all lives matter

By Dean Close · 4:15pm October 29th, 2015
At a rally last week, where a famous Hollywood personality used the word “murderer” to describe police killings of black people, that man read the names of 250 or so black men and women who have been killed by police this year. “Say their names” was a highlight of the “Black Lives Matter/Rise Up October” rally in NYC.

Letter to the Editor: Debate observer responds

By Vinton Today · 2:15pm October 23rd, 2015
While I cannot vote in the city election and I did not submit a question, I attended the debate. I am associated with a business in downtown Vinton so what you decide by your vote has an effect on what we pay in city services, etc. If I heard correctly some of what I got out of it was that Vinton is and has been stagnant in growth for quite some time, many decisions are reliant on government programs to fund projects, on some subjects out of state relatives or non Vinton co-workers have more influence with some current council members on the sa...

To the Editor: Seeking a better future for Vinton

By Vinton Today · 10:01am October 22nd, 2015
My name is Drew Sallee, and I am a proud Vinton resident. In fact other than my 5 years serving our country in the U.S. Army, I have lived here in Vinton for almost my entire life. I'm also a husband to an amazing wife, and father to 3 young sons. I consider myself to be very blessed for all of these reasons.

Letter to the Editor: Killed by Politeness

By Vinton Today · 2:47pm October 21st, 2015
Dear Editor, Until very recently, Iowa’s population overwhelmingly lived and worked in small communities. What’s referred to as “Iowa nice” is probably the result of the social relationships fostered while living in those tight-knit groups. A small town is a place where everyone thinks they know everyone well and where a perceived slight can live on as a strained relationship for decades - perhaps even the remainder of one’s life.

To The Editor: 'Yes' vote gives Vinton more options

By Frank Van Steenhuyse · 11:17am October 2nd, 2015
I am voting “yes” on November 3rd for the formation of a city telecommunications utility. I don't have any big complaints or any burning issues that I want to address. I simply want to have more of a choice and a voice into what telecommunications providers I use. And, I would much rather pay my monthly telecommunications bills to a local entity than some national conglomerate.

Letter to the Editor: Comments regarding the confederate flag controversy

By Vinton Today · 3:26pm September 25th, 2015
I feel it necessary to make some comments distancing the lovely town of Vinton (and the majority of kind, considerate, and tolerant citizens who live and work here) from the actions of a few students at Vinton-Shellsburg High School this week. While our country does give us the right to say what we think and feel about important issues, that right is accompanied by a responsibility to be upstanding citizens concerned with the feelings and welfare of other citizens.

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