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Peeking at the Guest Book: A beginner's guide to grief

By Dean Close · 4:10pm October 17th, 2014
“You gave away one of our secrets,” said Frank, the Funeral Home Guy. We had just buried my mom — and three weeks to the day later, my grandfather — when I wrote the following words: “Some people think that the purpose of The Guest Book is to keep track of the people who attend a funeral or visitation, so you can properly thank them.

To the Editor: Change must be made in November

By John Stiegelmeyer · 11:13pm October 15th, 2014
To the Editor, “Survival in the market often requires recognizing mistakes and changing course. Survival in politics requires denying mistakes, continuing the current policies, adding new ones to correct the old ones, and then blaming the bad consequences on others.” “Whatever its shortcomings economically, what government job creation programs can do politically is create a large classes of people beholden to the government and likely to vote for those who gave them jobs in hard times.

Junk Ads: A humorous look at what you don't see here

By Dean Close · 11:24am October 13th, 2014
One of the things we like to boast about at Vinton Today is the fact that everything on our site is local. All the news, all the ads. Very few other news sites can say that. Most even have agreements that require them to use ads for national businesses. Not us. We decided from the beginning to make Vinton Today all about our community.

A final salute to Vinton Marine Larry Michael

By Dean Close · 5:46pm October 9th, 2014
The community of Vinton veterans lost a friend today. So did I. Major Larry Michael, a retired Marine, died today, after a long battle with Parkinson’s. He was 80. Larry was a proud Marine who for years kept a sign in his yard to announce to all passers-by his rank in that military branch.

The only clear choice in Iowa's 2014 Senate election

By Dean Close · 11:43am October 8th, 2014
When, in the course of events, a voter identifies a statesmen who so eloquently defends the things in which the voter believes, it behooves the voter to defy convention and earnestly support that candidate. Never, in two score and nine years, have a voter and a candidate had so much in common. I hate chickens.

Footprints in the sands of time

By Valerie Close · 9:52pm October 4th, 2014
Ever since my mother in law passed away, and we were sitting around with Stuart, our funeral guy trying to decide what to put in her obituary, I realized that in all the things that she had done, her life was summed up in a few paragraphs. A few months ago, we lost a gal that was part of our church family.

Letter To The Editor: It's just short time until the November Election

By John Stiegelmeyer · 4:47pm September 30th, 2014
A Leader is a person who inspires people to do more than they think they could. Many people in our military are trained to do just that. Some people in public service have this trait, but in this era sorely lacking. Many of us more senior can remember the leadership shown by President Kennedy, President Nixon, President Reagan, President Clinton, and President G.

The Indy 500 in my Livingroom

By Valerie Close · 12:06pm September 30th, 2014
We inherited a few cats from my daughter after one of hers had kittens and my daughters pregnancy allergies just weren't allowing them all to reside in the same house, so it was time to call the farm. Mindy, our dog, has put up with the new cat fairly well. That is until the cat, which we have named Mork, reaches into the dog's bucket to grab a piece of dog food.

A 9/11 perspective and the Freedom Rock

By Dean Close · 12:29pm September 18th, 2014
I had hoped and planned to spend the 13th anniversary of September 11, and the following weekend, in Baltimore, where a huge celebration honored the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. Instead, I began the day with a visit to the hospital, where my twin brother was recovering from a quadruple bypass surgery, followed by a road trip.

To the Editor: Writer awaits discussion from gun rights advocates

By Rosemary Schwartz · 3:01pm September 14th, 2014
To The Editor, I need to again restate what I wrote. I did not use the term “gun lovers” rather people who love guns which is a true statement. I did not suggest that you turn in your guns, I did not say we need more laws. Why is it that it is all or nothing with gun rights advocates? My late husband was a hunter, heck I even purchased a gun for him as a gift.

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