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My encounter with an 'IRS' scammer

By Dean Close · 6:26pm August 27th, 2015
The IRS has been calling me all day, telling me there is a warrant because I have not paid my taxes. So I called the number, with a Washington, D.C., 202 area code (the first number they left on my answering came from a different area code). A gentleman who identified himself as Shawn (although his thick accent indicated that he English is not his first language, and few other languages have male names pronounced like “Shawn)” told me that I owed the Internal….

To the Editor: E-mail issue disqualifies Hillary as candidate for President

By John Stiegelmeyer · 9:35am August 20th, 2015
To the Editor, The President gave authority to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to classify documents. Sec . Clinton should know when a received item is sensitive to National Security and immediately classify that document. It doesn’t fly that the document received was not classified when she received it.

To The Editor: Flourishing Families offers help, advice as school begins

By Flourishing Families · 11:54am August 18th, 2015
Dear Editor, The Flourishing Families of Benton and Iowa Counties (FFBIC), a local Community Partnership for Protecting Children site, would like to offer a few words of encouragement to all parents and children living, working, and attending school in our counties. This school year is going to be great! We at FFBIC have been looking forward to the school year since that first back-to-school commercial aired a month ago.

To The Editor: Thanks to all involved in WWII 70th anniversary event

By Brad Anderson, American Legion Post 57 · 11:36pm August 17th, 2015
Dear Editor,This past weekend Benton County celebrated the 70TH Anniversary of the End of World War II at Celebration Park in Vinton. There are several people I wish to thank who helped to make this event possible. First and for most to the veterans of World War II, if it were not for them the world would be a very different place.

Letter to the Editor: Last Hope Animal Rescue's Gain

By Vinton Today · 3:04pm July 13th, 2015
I want to personally congratulate Last Hope Animal Rescue (formerly based outside of Shellsburg now in Cedar Rapids) on their new Adoption Center Director, Julie Havran. Julie has a B.S. Degree in Human Services and M.S. Degree in Adult Education from Drake University. After working in human services, human resources, and education, she pursued her lifelong passion for animal welfare.

By Bob Kimm, former Vinton Motorcycle Club member Quite an article today on the 4th of July racing out at the fairgrounds. It brought back some memories for me from way back in 1953. Yeah, 62 years ago. The old ½ mile horse-track had been shut down and the new ¼ mile was just finished.

To the Editor: Golf cart drivers need to remember safety rules

By Vinton Today · 10:36am June 30th, 2015
To the Editor, It is my understanding that the city council is entertaining a motion to ban golf carts from city streets. As owners of a golf cart we are pleased to use these streets to do our shopping in Vinton. However I do believe there should be rules to be followed. I think a drivers license should be required.

Happy Birthday, Dean Jr.

By Valerie Close · 11:31am June 12th, 2015
On this day in history, well ok, so 18 years ago, we spent the day in the hospital, and the next few...but it was for a good cause, we were awaiting the arrival of our little girl. It was one of those births that make all the nurse's hair in the OB ward stand on end. We were a "lucky" minority that had the joy of bringing home our baby after some of the same complications had robbed other mothers of the same joy.

The Iffy 50: A birthday to remember, or not?

By Dean Close · 9:09am June 10th, 2015
Good husbands all know That a man sure had better When it comes to a wife’s birthday Not be a forgetter. As Shakespeare declared There’s no place in this world Or even the next Where such fury is hurled As that which is flung By a woman who’s scorned By a guy not recognizing The day his gal was born I’ve been in that place Once (well, more that) I forgot And I quickly began To regret it a lot So I wrote me a note On a bright yellow square To make sur...

The plight of a Pack Rat

By Valerie Close · 11:16pm June 8th, 2015
Let's face it. I am sort of a pack rat. Now as anyone that is labelled as such will tell you, we don't think we are. My packratting is more in the kitchen gadget area, you know the things you buy, and think you will use, so you use them once and then put them in the cupboard. Or you need mint molds for graduation, can't find anyone with any, so you buy them, then there's the one time use wedding mint molds.

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