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Rants from an egg snob

By Valerie Close · 11:07am March 6th, 2015 · 4 hours ago
It's official. I have become and egg snob, I know, I know with all the ribbing from my dear husband about the cost of the eggs our dear hens lay... As a gal that grew up in town, and never having more pets than one dog at a time and one or two cats at a time, the idea of raising a flock of chickens, seemed well, a bit challenging.

A Monday and a color to remember forever

By Dean Close · 8:38am March 2nd, 2015
For those of you wearing blue to school today, can I make a suggestion? Whatever you wear today, when it comes out of the laundry tomorrow, put it away. Place it in the box or drawer where you keep your special treasures and favorite memories. Let that item – and your memories of Emma – become part of your story.

City boy vs. chickens, part 2

By Dean Close · 11:04am February 20th, 2015
Ever since I first set foot on the sandy hill on my grandfather’s farm that became the site of our new home in 2004, there has been a constant battle that plays out in countless ways on an almost-daily basis. I love the farm, but I hate farming. I have great respect for my friends with tractors; I admire what they do, how well they do it and how much they have to teach us.

'Can God Use Me?'

By Zach Zajicek · 10:53am February 20th, 2015
Bummed out because you’d like to be greater used of the Lord? Perhaps we can find encouragement in a short promise the LORD gave to the parents of Samson- that crazy, immoral, irresponsible Israeli judge in the Old Testament who was given mighty strength at various times in his short, troubled life.

Awww...that's so sweet!

By Valerie Close · 10:49am February 20th, 2015
So many time when I work behind the scenes on Vinton Today, I often wonder if we're "doing it right". Are we REALLY "talking" to people, and do they "really" care about what we are telling them? I know, there's this really awesome counter on the site that tells us how many millions of clicks we've had, but honestly, without your feedback, we're just, hmmm can't say "clacking away at our keyboards", (because that wouldn't make sense to our younger readers) typing away and ho...

Dissing English, from a dis-tance

By Dean Close · 1:07am February 12th, 2015
When you stop to think about the English language, you have to come to the conclusion that whoever it was that decided what words are words and what words are not was an entirely dislogical person. Wait a minute, you may say, “dislogical” is not a word. Well, maybe it isn’t.

Over 14,000 FREE Stories, best deal around!

By Valerie Close · 9:04pm February 8th, 2015
March 11, 2010 began like any other day for some, but for us, it was a day of excitement. That morning, we sent out our very FIRST email announcing that we were back. We had loaded stories on this website and held our breath just HOPING someone would be out there to read it.

How to Get Breaking (Bad or Good) News Quickly

By Valerie Close · 2:56pm February 5th, 2015
When there is important news in Vinton, we keep you in touch with the neighbors and the officials in town. The first time we realized how important Vinton Today was, was when we were just starting our second year. Remember the windstorm that leveled most of the trees in town? We really thought that no one would be reading the website, and boy, were we ever wrong! We set our record for the number of hits to the site in a day, week, month.

19th Century words of wit and wisdom for Valentine's Day

By Dean Close · 10:32am February 5th, 2015
Well, it’s about that time of the year again – that time when men who can normally talk incessantly about just about anything without pausing to find the right words to say, suddenly find themselves speechless. So to help those men like me begin to think of some inspiring words for your woman at Valentine’s Day, I want to share today my favorite Valentine’s Day poem.

Nope, still not the newspaper, still not the 'newspaper guy'

By Valerie Close · 12:59am February 5th, 2015
After 5 years, almost, we have had another influx of people that think we are "the newspaper". A couple things have happened this week that had me thinking maybe we need to say something, again. So, after existing for a mere 5 years, and after a mere 13 MILLION hits, it's time to break this news to you.

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