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Letter to the Editor: State Funding and Education

By Vinton Today · 1:12pm March 27th, 2015 · 7 hours ago
By Josie Albrecht Every session the question facing the legislature is how to fit Iowans’ priorities within the constraints of state revenue. For years, state government in Iowa operated much like it does in Washington, D.C. – spend more than they have, send taxpayers into debt, and pass hard decisions off to future lawmakers.

Letter To The Editor: Iran - deal or no deal‏

By Vinton Today · 11:47pm March 26th, 2015 · 21 hours ago
By John Stiegelmeyer Some Opinion Page Writers have accused 47 Republicans who signed a letter addressed to the government of Iran informing said government of our Constitutional procedures validating treaties entered into by the U. S. Government as treasonous. The Logan act passed and signed into law in 1799 has only been used once with no penalty levied, because the language is vague and most likely would be deemed unconstitutional; reasoning that all citizens and elected officials have not only the duty but obligation to petition governm...

To the Editor: Voting fraud hysteria in Iowa

By Rosemary Schwartz · 6:24pm March 22nd, 2015
To The Editor: Something happened recently that received a little media coverage about the current Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate decision not to continue with the court appeal from his predecessor Matt Schultz in an attempt to remove thousands of Iowans from voter rolls to suppress voting in the guise of routing out illegal voting.

Letter to the Editor: HF58

By Vinton Today · 11:26am March 11th, 2015
Representative Pettengill, It has cone to my attention that you have cosponsored a bill, HF 58, that tries to put government directly between a woman and her Doctor by requiring the Doctor to perform an ultrasound and force the woman to view it prior to deciding on having an abortion. You, essentially, are telling women they are not smart enough to decide what is best for them and their families in dealing with their specific situation.

All roads lead to...family

By Valerie Close · 10:57pm March 8th, 2015
For a long time, we've joked about our "Holiday Curse." Now for those that don't remember, it seems that in our family if it's a birthday or holiday, something bad happens. Now we don't think of ourselves as superstitious at all, but we tend to stay home as much as possible on these days, keep the kids inside, lock the door and hide the scissors.

The Paper Clip

By Wendy Geiger · 9:20pm March 8th, 2015
I was taking a nap today and I had a dream, it was a strange one; the kind where you are totally aware of what’s going on around you and you are also very much asleep and dreaming at the same time. The dream had been about my pocket calendar and the paperclip I use to hold the previous months together.

Rants from an egg snob

By Valerie Close · 11:07am March 6th, 2015
It's official. I have become and egg snob, I know, I know with all the ribbing from my dear husband about the cost of the eggs our dear hens lay... As a gal that grew up in town, and never having more pets than one dog at a time and one or two cats at a time, the idea of raising a flock of chickens, seemed well, a bit challenging.

A Monday and a color to remember forever

By Dean Close · 8:38am March 2nd, 2015
For those of you wearing blue to school today, can I make a suggestion? Whatever you wear today, when it comes out of the laundry tomorrow, put it away. Place it in the box or drawer where you keep your special treasures and favorite memories. Let that item – and your memories of Emma – become part of your story.

City boy vs. chickens, part 2

By Dean Close · 11:04am February 20th, 2015
Ever since I first set foot on the sandy hill on my grandfather’s farm that became the site of our new home in 2004, there has been a constant battle that plays out in countless ways on an almost-daily basis. I love the farm, but I hate farming. I have great respect for my friends with tractors; I admire what they do, how well they do it and how much they have to teach us.

'Can God Use Me?'

By Zach Zajicek · 10:53am February 20th, 2015
Bummed out because you’d like to be greater used of the Lord? Perhaps we can find encouragement in a short promise the LORD gave to the parents of Samson- that crazy, immoral, irresponsible Israeli judge in the Old Testament who was given mighty strength at various times in his short, troubled life.

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