A major donation to the City of Vintonin its efforts to replant trees will be given Tuesday morning, December 11, 2012, from 9-10 p.m. Vinton City Hall, 110 West 3rd Street. The donation will be given by Anne Nolte in memory of her parents, Dave and Mary Nolte. She will present the donation to Mayor John Watson and the city arborist, Jeff Schadle.

Anne is a former Vinton resident now living in Independence, and frequently returns to Vinton for visits.

On July 11, 2011, the City of Vinton and surrounding communities were hit by a massive windstorm with wind speeds reaching 130 to 135 miles per hour. This windstorm did major damage to structures and trees within and around the city. It is estimated that approximately 75 percent of the city’s trees were lost in the storm. The city is continuing its efforts to replant the lost trees through similar donations including funding from the Benton County Community Foundation and Trees Forever.

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