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Firement demonstrate how a fireman looks for people in a burning house.

Stop. Drop. Roll.


Meeting place.

Remind my parents to check the batteries in our smoke detectors.

These are the lessons that elementary students study during this week each October, and they reviewed those lessons on Tuesday with members of the Vinton Fire Department.

VFD members visited classrooms at Tilford and Shellsburg Elementary to share fire safety lessons, such as keeping low to the floor to avoid smoke, checking the heat of a door before opening it, and if trapped in a room, crawl to a window, place a blanket or something out the window so firefighters know where you are.

And yelling.

"Make noise," the firefighters said. "Your parents won't mind."

So they did, The students in each classroom practiced shouting, "I am over here!"

Tomorrow, students will visit the fire station; the annual fire truck rides also take place tomorrow.

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