The City of Vinton is getting closer to finishing up with the removal of stumps that resulted from the removal of around 800 right-of-way trees that were severely damaged last year. We now want to begin to concentrate on replacing the trees and bring back the aesthetic and environmental benefits that were taken away from us by the July 2011 windstorm. The city has received $5,500 from the Benton County Community Foundation and $5,000 from Trees Forever towards this effort.

Because the community as a whole was affected by the windstorm, this replacement needs to be a community-wide effort. We want to enlist those property owners who want trees in the right-of-way area in front of their property. In exchange for agreeing to help, the property owner will receive a tree free of charge and a second tree, if desired, for half-price.

While details are still being worked out, we have decided on some of the program’s basic outline. Our local Trees Forever Field Representative, Mark Pingenot will be hosting five to six workshops in late winter around February and March of 2013. In order to receive a certificate for the free and half-price trees, property owners will need to participate in these workshops. They will also agree to properly plant, care and maintain the trees. These workshops will also cover the city ordinance on trees, so property owners know the proper placement of the trees.

By participating in this program, property owners will also receive assistance from Trees Forever and the city in selecting the proper variety of tree that will fit on their right-of-way area. Not every tree will work on every property. By ordinance, the city restricts some species, but other considerations, such as sight clearance around corners need to be considered.

The City of Vinton appreciates the assistance from the Benton County Community Foundation and Trees Forever. Please note that these funds are targeted to replace right-of-way trees. The right-of-way area is that part of a yard that is between the sidewalk and curb, or where utility poles are normally located. If you have any questions concerning where the right-of-way area is located on your property or about the replacement effort in general, please contact Vinton City Coordinator, Andy Lent at 472-4707; or by email at

Besides the above replanting, city employees will be replanting about 100 trees on the right-of-ways starting in April 2013. If you are interested in taking care of one of these trees, please contact the city arborist, Jeff Schadle at 472-2768.

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