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The Sanders family will decorate their farm again this year, on Thanksgiving Day.

The weather forecast is promising for those who want to spend Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas, says Bonnie Sanders.

"Sixty degrees! We can get a lot done," said Bonnie on Wednesday, as she discussed the Sanders family Thanksgiving tradition (aided by friends) of setting up the large holiday light display at their farm on 63rd Street south of Vinton.

"We won't have it all done by Thursday night," said Bonnie. "But we will have a lot of it up."

The weather also had a negative impact on area Christmas displays.

Dean and Heidi Koopman will continue the tradition started by Heidi's father, Larry Kersten, nearly 50 years ago, despite the damage from the July 11 storm.

"We will definitely put something up," Heidi said a few daysafter the storm. And they did.

Many of the trees used by the Koopmans for their display of tens of thousands of lights and dozens of handmade displays were destroyed or damaged by the storm.

The couple had created a new display each year, just as Heidi's father, Larry, had done for nearly 30 years before his death. But this year, the couple had to spend their time cleaning up storm damage on their farm, trimming and removing damaged or destroyed trees. Approximately half of their display has been set up for this year, along with a sign explaining that next year, they plan to set up the full display.

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Comments (2)

Would love to see large Christmas displays switch to LED lights rather than those energy wasting bulbs they have used for decades.
By: Carol Zander on November 29th 11:43pm
Love seeing all the holiday spirit!! Way to go guys, it looks beautiful.
By: Emily Moye on December 3rd 5:30pm

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