Anyone interested in applying for the position of Vinton Unlimited Director should immediately contact Jon Clingman to submit and application and resume, Clingman said today.

The VU Board President said he is confident that the organization will find a good replacement for Nathan Hesson. In addition to locally advertising the position on Vinton Today and other media, VU posted the job on some employment web sites.

"We've got some good candidates," said Clingman, adding that two interviews are scheduled for tonight.

Clingman urged anyone interested in the position but has not contacted VU to do it right away.

Email Clingman at or call 319-213-5641.

Below is the original ad with job description:

Vinton Unlimited Director

Opportunities and Responsibilities

Vinton Unlimited – Our mission is to foster economic growth and community development, and to promote the Vinton area as an attractive place to live, shop, work and play!

If you were to ask someone what they would like most about a new job or a potential change in career, many would not hesitate and respond that they want to be able to make a difference through the work that they do. The director’s position for Vinton Unlimited offers you the opportunity to do just that. It is a full time position that operates under the direction of a board of directors that are elected from the membership of the organization. The VU director can help define the future of Vinton by working directly with the leadership at city hall, as well as, many within the business community. The diversity of your responsibilities will have you actively engaged in economic development, event planning, business promotions, tourism, visioning, philanthropy and much more.

The Vinton Unlimited director’s position offers full time employment with a great deal of flexibility in the hours of work. . The job does require an average of 40 hours/week and includes nights & weekends when a community event or committee meeting is taking place. This is offset by the ability to reduce your daytime hours when the work load is lighter.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about community development and has the ability to envision change and then convert that vision to reality. This will require many skills including:

. Marketing

. Organizational

. Financial management/budgeting/fundraising

. Leadership

. Creative writing

. People skills to include

. Motivational

. Positive attitude

. Eagerness

. Confidence . Outgoing

. Willingness to meet with the public

. Ability to resolve conflict or direct compromise

. Software basics to include:

Microsoft Office Suite . Quickbooks

. E-mail

. Constant Contact Email Marketing

. Social media

. Web Site management/modification

. Video creation and posting (basic)

The VU board of directors is always there for you to offer insight and help but the VU director truly has the ability to drive the organization in new directions and take VU, as well as, the community of Vinton to new levels of vitality and an enhanced quality of life.

The salary will be based upon qualifications and experience. The benefits include paid vacation and sick time, travel reimbursement, cell phone allowance and a pre-tax allowance to be used for health insurance.

If interested please send your cover letter & resume to:

Jon Clingman – President of Vinton Unlimited

. 106 East 4th Street

Vinton, Iowa 52349

Phone # (319) 213-5641


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