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Fireworks fill the sky during last weekend's Boomtown celebration.

After just coming home from winning the National title, Grand Master trophy and several other first place trophies and awards, the IPA did it again....they outdid themselves with Boomtown 2014!
The most common thing we've heard since Saturday night is: "That was the best Boomtown EVER"...and I agree, indeed it was.
Many people I talk to that have never been to Boomtown tell me, "You see one fireworks show, you've seen them all."
That simply is not the case. Not even close.
There is no experience like the Boomtown experience.
At Boomtown, you not only see the best fireworks show west of the Mississippi, you experience the skill and precision of perfectly timed "booms" with tunes, you feel the percussions, you feel the heat. At Boomtown, you need only watch the individual displays prior to the show to realize that this is a show put together by true masters of their craft, each loving and respecting what they do. We can't thank the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association enough for sharing those talents with a few thousand spectators right here, in Vinton, Iowa!
Your Boomtown Committee will keep you posted as details on a 2015 Boomtown event come available. In the meantime, please note that the "kudos" and the "criticisms" from 2014 are all being taken into our planning for next year. We realize the areas of concern that need to be addressed. We tried a few new things this year, and while most worked incredibly well, some did not.
Until next time, if you see an IPA member out and about, congratulate them on their championship and thank them for Boomtown! If you see a Boomtown Committee member out and about, share some positive Boomtown feedback! If you see a Boomtown volunteer, thank them for their time! We couldn't do this without their help.
Stay tuned!!

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Comments (3)

We could of done with out the bleachers they blocked the view and that's the only complaint from this weekend. We had people as far away as from Ames and Des Moines to come see the fireworks only to have there view blocked.
By: Veronica Young on September 4th 10:31pm
Easy answer for the bleachers blocking your view: Pay the money to sit in those bleachers. The view was great there. The fireworks are made to be seen from in front of the bleachers and not behind.
By: Thomas Pingenot on September 5th 3:06pm
We thought the fireworks were fantastic! THANKS, to everyone who made the show possible. Looking forward to another great night next year.
By: Bill/Deb Rundlett on September 5th 3:58pm

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