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Julia Meadows

It’s uncommon these days for someone to work within a business or institution for more than a few years, and even more remarkable for a person rise within the ranks to one of the top positions. After 30 years Julia Meadows, Chief Financial Officer of Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics, is retiring.

Initially hired in 1983 as a Posting Machine Operator, she was quickly promoted to Data Entry Clerk a year later, and during her 30 year career she has held the following positions: Data Process Manager, Patient Accounting Coordinator, and in 1992 began her position as the Chief Financial Officer.

Julia Meadows “will be remembered for a lot of things but primarily, during her tenure the hospital had a positive margin on operations for 20 years,” said Michael Riege, Virginia Gay Hospital CEO. During the past two decades Julia accomplished many important projects: She oversaw and provided the financing of 3 major hospital construction projects. She also oversaw and provided the financing for the expansion, construction and renovation of four medical clinics; and financial oversight for the Cedar View project. She was instrumental in the management of the VGH Farm Program (i.e., fiduciary oversight of 1,200 acres of rented farmland), and managed the growth of the Virginia Gay Trust.

“Although she would never take credit for the operational success of the hospital, much of our success was due to her superlative financial management of an extremely complex organization. This of course was due to her professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to the hospital. Most CEO’s continually have to worry about the financial management of the hospital, but thanks to her that’s one worry I have not had,” said Mike Riege. “But more than the job she has done I will miss her friendship. We all wish her and her husband Jerry the best in a well-deserved retirement.”

Please join the entire Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics family in wishing congratulations to Julia Meadows in her retirement.

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Comments (6)

Julie is truly one of those remarkable people that if you are fortunate enough to have been a co-worker, a friend or family member you will always treasure that! We will miss you and expect you to keep in close contact w/your VGH family! Congratulations Julie!!!
By: Kim Frank on August 28th 11:16am
Congratulations Julia. Time to head to Florida for retirement.
By: Jeanne Montgomery on August 28th 11:51am
Congratulations Julia. We are so proud of you.
By: Jill Gualtier on August 28th 4:01pm
Congratulations, Julia! I'm proud of you beyond words.
By: Rick Hadley on August 28th 7:19pm
Congratulations Julia. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you over these many years. I wish you well and enjoy your new adventure. Monica.
By: Monica Stark on August 29th 9:51am
Congrats Julia, it has been a joy to work with you. You are a joyful, pleasant person, always thinking of others. I will miss you and please come back to visit. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.
By: Donna Martinec on August 29th 9:27pm

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