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Olivia Doty said she was excited for her first day at Tiny Vikes Preschool on Wednesday.

We met several students this morning, accompanied by their parents, heading into Tilford Elementary for their very first day of school, either at Tiny Vikes Pre-School or Kindergarten.

We asked the children the same questions, and received, from them the same answers:

Are you excited?

Are you scared?

Are you sad?

Every child we spoke to answered YES! No! and No!

Then we asked the mothers.

"Ummmmmm" said one.

"I don't want to talk about THAT!" said another.

"I am a little nervous," said a third.

The first day excitement of meeting new friends and seeing old friends in a new setting, along with learning to begin a new routine filled the east end of the Tilford building, as dozens of parents brought students to school for the very first time. Older students had started classes on Monday, but at Tilford and Shellsburg elementaries, Kindergarten and pre-school students began arriving today. Tomorrow is the first day for the remainder of students who did not start today.

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