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For the 15th straight year, Rick Murphy and his family have shared some of the proceeds of the Murphy Memorial Golf Tournament with Virginia Gay Hospital.

This year, Murphy presented $11,500 to VGH Administrator Mike Riege and VGH Foundation Director Mike Timmermans, along with Foundation Board member Don Eells. That amount is identical to the amount donated in 2013.

The tournament now has raised more than $170,000 to help fight cancer and meet other medical needs.

Three years ago the gifts from the Murphy family were combined with gifts from other organizations and individuals to create the Gifts of Hope fund at VGH, said Timmermans. Gifts of Hope is for women and families who need financial assistance to help pay for women’s services. There is no application necessary to qualify for these funds. Just ask your health care provider about them and our patient care coordinator will help you navigate the process.

 “Funds are available for testing, diagnostic work and up to an additional $2,500 to help pay for any treatment, further testing, insurance policy deductibles or co-pays, etc. that you may need help with.We hope you are well, but thanks to the generosity of the Murphy family, and many others we can help you if you need it,” said Timmermans.

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