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Scott Anderson of Brandon made this shell for the PGI convention.

Chuck Yedlik, Scott Anderson and other local members of the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association are competing this week in the annual Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) Convention, held this year in Mason City.

Beginning Sunday evening, fireworks builders displayed for a panel of judges the fireworks they made. The winners will receive their trophies during the event banquet this Friday.

Yedlik and Anderson competed Sunday night in the small shell categories, with fireworks in four-or five-inch balls. They along with several other IPA members will compete in other categories throughout the week.

On Tuesday evening, the IPA members are preparing two special presentations. They will compete in the club contest with a display that combines fireworks and music. The IPA is also in charge of the main show for Tuesday. Several members are working on the display for the crowd that fills the grandstands of the North Iowa Events Center.

Throughout the daytime hours, participants attend a variety of classes. Tuesday's sessions include a lesson entitled "Edible Land Mines" and one on how to blow up cars for stunts.

August is a busy month for Yedlik and his Bar-Y Pyro crew. They fired the Urbana Sweet Corn Days show on Saturday before heading to Mason City. Next Sunday, Aug. 24, they will light the re-scheduled Party in the Park show, which was delayed because of heavy rains. That event also includes a concert by the Spazmatics.

Then five days later, Yedlik and the rest of the IPA members make their way to Vinton for Boomtown.

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