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Cargill rep Tom Stueck presented another check to the BCCB for the Old Creamery Nature Trail.

In its continuing efforts to support local communities, Cargill recently announced an additional $2500 donation from their corporate office to be included with $7500 already given to the Old Creamery Nature Trail. This raises their total contribution to $10,000 in the past few months. This money is made available through the Global Partnership Fund program to support Cargill business units and Care Councils giving to local charities. In particular, the Old Creamery Nature Trail meets the Environmental Stewardship goal of the company by protecting our natural resources and promoting sustainable practices in our communities.

This donation will help serve to address erosion control along the trail as part of the Federal Recreational Trail’s Grant received in January 2014. It also helps push the total raised so far for the 20% match required of this grant closer to the goal of $35,859.

“We are so excited to have the support of Cargill for our efforts making the Old Creamery Nature Trail a better and safer environment for all trail users!” said Matt Purdy, executive director Benton County Conservation. “Cargill has been a valuable resource for not only this project, but other needs for Benton County Conservation and our communities. We can’t thank them enough.”

Work on the Old Creamery Nature Trail for the Federal Recreational Trails Grant has started in a few areas. So far, washout areas have been addressed where the trail was being threatened by erosion and limestone has been added to portions of the trail that were wet or unsafe for use. The majority of the work for this grant will take place starting spring 2015. The work must be completed by November 2015 according to the grant guidelines.

If you would like to contribute to the Old Creamery Nature Trail’s match for the grant, please contact Matt Purdy at 319-472-3592 or Randy Scheel at 319-477-3150.

( Pictured left to right in an area erosion has been addressed are Matt Purdy- Benton County Conservation, Zach Parmater – Benton County Conservation, Randy Scheel – Old Creamery Nature Trail, Tom Stueck – Cargill)

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