Thirty-three years ago today, the city of Blairstown awoke to learn one of its senior citizens had been brutally murdered.

Amos Jellison, 74, had lived alone in a trailer house on Prospect Street, not far from his nephew, Daryl.

Daryl Jellison called authorities in the middle of the night, to tell them he had received an anonymous phone call from an older man at around 1 a.m., telling him that his uncle is hurt badly, and adding, "you'd better come." Jellison asked the authorities if an officer could check on his uncle.

A few minutes later, Daryl Jellison and his father, Elmer, went to Amos's trailer house at 306 Prospect. They found Amos dead from head trauma caused by an unknown weapon, possibly an ax.

Jellison's murder was never solved; it is one of several Cold Cases from Benton County on the Iowa Cold Cases Web site.

Vinton Today published a series of stories on the cold cases two years ago.

Click on the links below to see more about the Jellison case, and the others. In addition to the cold cases, we revisited the history of a couple of the more infamous murder cases affecting the county.


Benton County Murder Cases

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