Creative crooks are constantly looking for new ways to separate honest Americans, including Iowans, from their money.

The latest attempt – which has affected parts of Iowa but has not yet been reported in Benton County – deals with property records.

Some Iowa property owners have reported receiving letters in the mail, implying that there has been “deed activity” affecting their property and offering them copies of deeds and property assessments for $83.

Benton County Recorder Lexa Speidel said that the information presented in those phone calls is false, and the records the provide may not be current. Also, says Speidel, most property owners can get accurate, up-to-date deed information from their County Recorder’s Office for around $1.

Anyone receiving such calls should call law enforcement authorities; for more information about property records, and their availability, contact the Benton County Recorder’s Office at 319-472-3309.

So far, Lee County (Keokuk) and Story County (Nevada, Iowa) have reported receiving calls from residents targeted by this scam.

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My gosh, there is always "another scam" to worry about.
By: Gretchen Holtz Kopecky on August 1st 2:25pm

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