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Tom Stueck of Cargill hands Bill Keller a $5K check while Ikes Bob Birker & Rick Jeray break ground.

During the July Board Meeting the board of the Red Cedar Chapter received some very good news. They had been awarded a $5,000 grant for a new playground.

“We submitted our proposal to Cargill in April of this year. Ashlyn Christiansen is managing the project. She researched different options and submitted the application to Cargill after our April board meeting. We’re delighted with the award!” said Bill Keller, President.

The Ikes project is just one of many that Cargill has been involved in locally. From funding for the bike trail to an grant for the new “Celebration Park” Cargill has been active and generous in supporting local projects. In fact, in 2013 Cargill’s corporate giving to charitable projects reached $69 Million corporation wide.

The purpose of the playground for the Red Cedar Chapter will be to provide an area for those families with children to play while their parents participate in chapter events or simply enjoy an evening sitting and chatting around one of the picnic tables built by Eagle Scout John Eden.

“It’s a great addition to the property and it will provide a great space for kids in our community to play. We hope to see kids using the new playground by the end of the summer.” Keller said.

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