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Local stuntmen Steven Stinson and Shawn Fisher simultaneously crashed their vehicles through the Wall of Fire on Friday night at the Benton County Fair, as part of the Night of Destruction.

The popular new tradition at the Benton County Fair (and many other venues in the Midwest) filled the grandstands, as local drivers showed their daring and skill in a variety of events.

Scott Anderson and a few members of his Penguin Pyro team helped set up the wall of fire, adding a few fireworks for special effects.

Vinton native Matt DeVries won the audience vote for the best-designed truck and trailer, using the "gator bait" theme with a boat decorated as an alligator with a rubber chicken for bait pulled behind his camo-colored pickup. Josh Van Hamme of Belle Plaine won the main event, managing to be the last of the 16 drivers to keep his truck running with the trailer attached.

Van Hamme recently won the West Liberty truck and trailer event, as well.

"I've got two trucks that I trailer race; a 4-wheel drive and a 2-wheel drive," he said. "I won last Sunday with the four and last night with the two."

A tough truck obstacle course and a backwards/forward race with two cars chained together were also part of the event.

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Promoter Ed Callan organized this event; one of many at county fairs throughout the region. For more information about future events, call Callan at 319-551-7351.

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