Former Vinton City Council member and one-time Mayor Dave Vermedahl has offered to serve on the Vinton City Council until a replacement for Dave Redlinger can be elected in November.

Mayor John Watson announced his intention to appoint Vermedahl to fill the position until a new member is elected. The council first will have to hold the required hearings before Vermedahl can officially join the council. He had served on the city council in the 1990s before serving one term as mayor. He then left city government when he was elected to the Benton County Board of Supervisors.

Vermedahl said his intention for now is to only serve until the election; he does not at this time have any plans to run for the office.

Redlinger left the council because he is moving out of the city. He was re-elected to one of the council's at-large seats last year; his term expires in 2017. Whoever is elected in November will serve until then. Although 2014 is not a year for city elections, the council vacancy can be placed on the general election ballot when voters elect county, state and federal officials.

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