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Thank you for 36 years of service, Nancy Farmer.

Virginia Gay Hospital celebrated Nancy Farmers’ 36 years of healthcare service to our community during her retirement celebration this past Friday.

Mike Riege, Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics CEO, spoke to a group gathered to reminisce and wish Nancy a wonderful retirement. Mr. Riege mentioned when he first came to VGH, Nancy’s mother Rita Barron had her retirement, so during his tenure he has had the honor to retired both.

Nancy became the Benton County Health Nurse in 1978 and transitioned into Director. She has been employed with Virginia Gay Hospital since 1995 with VGH and is completing her service as the Community Care Coordinator and Benton County Public Health Director.

The VGH team and the Benton County community will miss Nancy’s leadership. When we asked Nancy what she was most looking forward during her retirement, she said, “Time. I’m looking forward to having time to spend with my family.”

Thank you for 36 years of service Nancy Farmer!

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Comments (5)

What an extremely nice lady to work with!! She always has a smile on her face!! Congratulations!
By: Felicia Hill on July 14th 10:35am
Congratulations Nancy! It has always been a pleasure to work with you. All the best!
By: Tom Boeckmann on July 14th 12:57pm
I so enjoyed working with Nancy. She has great insight and knowledge about the community.
By: Lindsey Ungs on July 14th 2:14pm
So many people living in Benton County communities benefited from Nancy's work as a public health nurse and leader without even knowing it! Thank you for your many years of sometimes unrecognized service.
By: Kaitlin Emrich on July 14th 10:41pm
Congratulations Nancy on your accomplishment! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.
By: Joann Pingenot-Portis on July 15th 12:57pm

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