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Children played a variety of games during Garrison's Fun Day; Kali Decker tries the ring game here.

Three years and one day after the historic wind storm ripped the roof off the old library building and flattened the city's emergency services building, Garrison continues recovering and the city held its 2014 Fun Day.

While the day was all about fun at the park, and lessons on health and safety for children from a variety of medical providers and public safety officials, throughout the small town are visible signs of recovery from that massive, devastating wind storm.

The playground fund-drive that was under way during the summer of 2011 continued after the storm and was successful;many children played on the equipment at the city park on Saturday.

The new library is well under way and the Emergency Services building was repaired after the storm as well. And Fun Day continues to bring hundreds to the town.

Mandy Fisher, one of the many volunteers who has been involved in many of the activities, sums up the motivation of all of those volunteers with four little words.

"We love this town!" she says.

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