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Despite the tornado, Dysart and Benton County escaped any damage during the storm.

Despite another round of thunderstorms and tornado warnings in Benton County, there was no reported damage from the Sunday night storm that damaged other part of Iowa before passing over the area.
"Nothing was reported," said Benton County Emergency Management Director Scott Hansen. "We had all fire department spotters out for the tornado warning. Keystone, Van Horne, and Garrison spotters could see the tornado when it was north of Dysart but it dissipated before reaching Benton County."
Union football coach Joe Hadachek photographed a funnel cloud before hurrying with his family into the basement of their home in Dysart. The tornado interrupted a youth football meeting, but all coaches made it safely home, said Hadachek. Also, he said, no damage was reported in his hometown.

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That is a fantastic photo.
By: Matt Anderson on July 8th 1:04pm

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