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Vandalism in SE Vinton included spray-painting of the scoreboard of the VSMS softball field.

Vinton police received several complaints of spray paint vandalism to vehicles and buildings in the southeast corner of Vinton Tuesday morning. Targets reported vandalized included cars, pavement, garage doors, the scoreboard of the middle school softball field and even the inside of the concession stand at the Vinton-Shellsburg High School softball field.

"During the day on Tuesday, Vinton Police took several complaints of overnight criminal mischief," said Capt. Bruce Smith of the Vinton Police Dept. "Most of the complaints were in the area around the Tilford School and the complaints involved spray painting on buildings, at least two vehicles, and the streets and street signs. The concession stand at the Tilford ball diamond was also broken into overnight and candy and pop were taken. Anyone with any information is asked to please contact the Vinton Police Department at 319-472-2321."

The concession stand break-in is the second this month. Volunteer Barb Winsor said that about $40 worth of merchandise was taken June 9, and another $100 worth on June 23.

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To add to this story, the VS Booster Softball concession stand at Tilford was broken into the night of Monday June 9th as well as last night and the police had been notified and should be investigating that as well. If anyone living in the area and has noticed any abnormal behavior, please notify law enforcement with information.
By: Barb Winsor on June 24th 3:41pm

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