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Frank Kruse introduces Judge Van Zimmer, who shared the history of the courthouse.

A tour group from the Ogden/Ames area spent the day in Vinton, where they met the local woman named after our state and learned about the history of the murals located around town as well as the one on display near the main entrance of the Benton County Courthouse.

The group of more than 30 arrived by bus on Thursday morning. Their day included visiting with Brian and Jennifer Parr about their art and Brian’s chain saw carvings. They also learned about the Wall Dog murals located throughout Vinton, from Jon Clingman. At the courthouse, they met Dianne Schmidt, who along with her late husband, Duane, worked to find, buy and restore the 1890s mural depicting threshing. They also heard a history of the courthouse from Judge Van Zimmer.

The local tour guides for the day included Frank Kruse and Iowa Ann Van Hamme, whose unique name has earned her a place in WHO-Radio’s Van and Bonnie Hall of Heroes.

The visitors also saw and heard presentations about the Iowa Braille School, the Depot and Ray House. They ate lunch at the 4th Street Diner and dinner at Café de Klos.

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It is wonderful to have visitors tour our town. Thanks to all of the Vinton people who worked hard to plan and give presentations for the visitors.
By: Ann Jorgensen on June 13th 1:30pm

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