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The Kablooey event included some popular experiments involving fire in a large water bottle.

Area children (and several adults) learned some basic scientific explanations for the noises we hear during the presentation called "Kablooey" at the Vinton Public Library on Wednesday.

The “Kablooey!” program is part of SCI’s Science @ Your Site outreach, which brings fun, engaging experiments to schools and libraries across Iowa.

With the help of SCI’s trained outreach presenters, “Kablooey!” takes children on an exciting journey through the three main states of matter, culminating in the discovery of why things go “boom.” The program will introduce children to the scientific properties of air, pressure and sound through a variety of experiments.

During “Kablooey!,” children experienced the fizzy spectacle of baking soda and vinegar, create a cloud in a bottle, make music with straws and more. After learning about each state of matter, children will see how all three interact to launch a rocket. They also learned several safe science experiments they can perform in their own backyards.

This program highlights the importance of science learning and experimentation beyond the classroom. It also reflects SCI’s mission to engage and inspire Iowans along their journey of lifelong science learning.

Learn more about the Science Center of Iowa and its statewide educational outreach programs at

See more photos of Wednesday's event HERE.

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