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Ryan and Melanie Davis and family on the Capitol steps after his award recognition.

Ryan Davis and his family traveled to Des Moines last month, where Ryan received the recognition from Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad as the School Administrators of Iowa Assistant Principal of the Year, an award announced last November.

Gov. Branstad was among many to honor Ryan for this accomplishment. He invited the Davises to attend a special event to honor Ryan and other educators for their state awards.

One problem was that Maggie, one of the children of Ryan and Melanie, had had perfect attendance throughout the school year, and did not want to risk losing that honor.

"Maggie was excited to meet the Governor, but was disappointed to lose her perfect attendance," said Ryan. "The Governor found out about this and wrote her a note pardoning her from the missed afternoon of school. She has the note now and it is her prized possession, and she got excused from school. I thought it was neat."

Along with Ryan, the Superintendent, High School Principal, Elementary Principal, and Central Office Administrator of the year winners were also recognized. Ryan's wife, Melanie, and the couple's four children were present to witness his award ceremony.

During Davis' acceptance speech, he acknowledged that although grateful for the award and all of the attention he has received, he believed the entire Vinton-Shellsburg staff earned the honor.

"I don't consider this a 'Me' award. This is a 'We' award because the schools cannot function on one person's doing. It is a team effort."

In true Ryan Davis fashion, he ended his speech in a light-hearted manner:

"My one request is for you, Gov. Brandstad. My oldest daughter, Maggie, has had perfect attendance this year. When I gave her the option of coming today to participate in this award ceremony she hesitated because it would mean she would lose her perfect attendance for the year. She chose to come meet you. If you have it in your power, can you pardon this absence so she can end the school year with a clean slate."

Everyone in the room gave a laugh, including the Governor. Maggie was red in the face.

After the ceremony, the Davis family was able to get a picture with the Gov. and Lt. Gov. Reynolds. While posing, an aide came with pen and paper in hand and the Gov. penned a letter for Maggie. The family toured the Capital Building, including the Rotunda.

Maggie ended the school year with perfect attendance and had an item for show-and-tell at school the next day.

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