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The view from the front of the B-17, where the bombardier viewed targets below.

If you like American history, military history, airplanes, aviation history and/or tributes to American veterans, an event in Eastern Iowa this weekend offers something that will inspire you in all of these pursuits, and more.

The Aluminum Overcast, a B-17 bomber made at the end of World War Ii, is on display at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids.

Pilot Rick Fernalld and co-pilot Lorraine Morris, along with a few other volunteers from the Experimental Aircraft Association, arrived in Cedar Rapids yesterday and will remain until Sunday. The EAA Chapter 33 is the host agency; Benton County resident Tim Busch is leading that organization and is the local leader for this event.

While some people have made reservations on-line, plenty of walk-up space for tours and flights is still available. The pilots and tour guides also share a variety of history lessons about the B-17, the service personnel who flew it, and other related topics.

Call the onsite crew at 920-371-2244 for more information.

Flights take place from 1-5 p.m.; ground tours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

See our Vinton Today photo album of the B-17 HERE.

See the event page HERE

For tour and flight information, click HERE.

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