All charges are subject to review by the Benton County Attorney's Office. An arrest or criminal charge is merely an accusation and the Defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. Intrastate Warrants are issued by law Enforcement Agencies for crimes happening in their jurisdictions.

Adult Arrests

May 1: Kirsten K. Leonard, 29, Vinton, charged with fifth degree theft (Simple Misdemeanor).

May 7: Joseph A. Barker, 32, Vinton, charged with Driving Under Suspension (Simple Misdemeanor) Possession of a Controlled Substance – 3rd Offense (Class “D” Felony), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Simple Misdemeanor).

May 7: Kyler G. Burgess, 23, Jesup, Intrastate warrant. 23 May 9: Matthew D. Selken, 39, Vinton, Intrastate warrant.

May 10: Tyler L. Fennern, 22, Vinton, Intrastate warrant.

May 14: Travious L. Newburry, 29, Vinton, Intrastate warrant.

May 15: Ethan D. Young, 22, Vinton, charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (Serious Misdemeanor), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Simple Misdemeanor), and False Reports to Law Enforcement (Simple Misdemeanor).

May 15: Jacob W. Seidel, 22, Vinton, charged with possession of a Controlled Substance (Serious Misdemeanor) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Simple Misdemeanor).

May 23: Hannah M. Clair, 27. Vinton, charged Operating While Intoxicated – 1st Offense (Serious Misdemeanor), Child Endangerment (Aggravated Misdemeanor), and Interference With Official Acts (Simple Misdemeanor). Citation issued for ATV Operation on Highways.

May 25: Matthew D. Sackett, 41,Newhall, charged with public intoxication.

Juvenile Referrals

April 25 A 17 year old male was referred to Juvenile Probation for Assault Causing Injury (Serious Misdemeanor).


Twenty-one citations were issued in May. Eleven were for possession of alcohol under legal age- 1st offense, Three for curfew violation – 1st offense, one for curfew violation – 3rd offense, and the remainder for other traffic offenses.

Four state reportable traffic accidents were investigated in May.

Twenty-seven written warnings were issued in May.

Two parking/street storage violation were issued in May.

For the month of May, 193 complaints/calls for service were handled by the Vinton Police Department.

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