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Courthouse clock committee members created this sign to mark progress.

The committee of local residents who are trying to raise money for the restoration of the Benton County Courthouse clock are planning a June 16 meeting. The group has also commissioned a new graphic for the courthouse lawn which shows the progress of the fund-raising efforts. They are working on applying for grants as well as accepting local donations.

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As a person who was raised in Vinton, I feel a strong kinship with the community AND the court house clock. I have been up there with it and the marvelous bell which faithfully chimed each hour for those years I lived in Vinton. In 1960, I recorded, from the front steps of the old jail, the sound of the bell chiming 12 noon, along with the noon fire siren and the one o'clock power plant whistle. A CD of those sounds will soon be mailed, along with a check for $100, to help with the restoration. Let's get behind this effort and get things back the way they should be.
By: Jerry Easter on May 29th 2:19pm
It will be wonderful to hear that bell chime again. It will remind me of grandparents and days gone by when I grew up in the area. The Palace Theater & now the town clock & Vinton Landing...what's next?
By: Jim Hilliard on June 18th 9:06am

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