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Lucy Howes-Vonstein led the Penny Wars at Shellsburg to buy these soccer balls.

The Tilford and Shellsburg Elementary ELP students have been having a great time and a tremendous learning experience the past few weeks working on independent investigations and research projects. For three students at Tilford Elementary and one student at Shellsburg Elementary, their research projects led to a service learning experience for many students.

Shellsburg soccer ball fund drive

Lucy Howes-Vonstein has been learning about her career interests in ELP. As part of her project, she interviewed soccer coaches from UNI and Iowa State. She then initiated and monitored a penny war at Shellsburg Elementary to raise money for new soccer balls and equipment to put in their recess ball tub. Lucy presented her idea to all students in 1st through 5th Grade and ended up raising over $690 for the school! I am so proud to see her hard work pay off in such a big way!

Tilford students raise money to help cancer patients

Matti Thomsen, Samantha Walton, and Elsa page also initiated and monitored a penny war at Tilford Elementary School. The three students came to me with the idea of raising money to help people after Matti's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and went through 15 radiation treatments at Mercy. They presented their idea to all 3rd and 4th grade students through a speech and kick-off movie. They raised $539 donated it all to the Mercy Cancer Center in Cedar Rapids.

Amy Geiger of Mercy came to Tilford on Friday to receive the check. She visited the participating classes and thanked them for the donations. The money will help pay for gas cards for cancer patients who cannot afford gas, as well as nutritional drinks for those who need them to get through treatment.

Mrs. Hyland's class won the Penny War and will soon enjoy the prize: A pizza party.

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