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Shane Monaghan and his team of 3 Benton FFA members placed 7th in Agronomy.

FFA CDEs are very important to FFA members, they help improve skills and give members more experience in different fields of agriculture. Many members do specific CDEs (Career Development Events) to help them for future careers and others do them because they are fun. Recently, the FFA Chapter has had 14 FFA members participate in CDEs. These CDEs consist of District Foods, Agronomy, Floriculture, and Horse judging.

Foods took place at Hawkeye Community College on May 6th and four FFA members -Ethan Henry, Ben Eden, Drew Wiley, and Conner Miracle- participated in this event. These boys received 4th place as a team, with Drew Wiley in 7th place individual.

Agronomy was also held at Hawkeye Community College on May 6th, and one of our Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members –Shane Monaghan- competed. Shane worked with three Benton FFA members and together they got 7th place.

Floriculture, held on May 13th at Hawkeye Community College, had four Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members competing in it. The members consisted of: Emily Cashman, Katie Isbell, Sydney Walker, and Jessica Alderson. These girls placed 1st place as a team and also placed individually. Katie Isbell received 1st place individual, Jessica Alderson placed 2nd, Emily Cashman had gotten a 3rd place ribbon, with Sydney Walker in 4th place.

District Horse judging was held on the 14th of May at Ellsworth Community College. Five of our members – Deion Dulin, Olivia Walker, Amanda Burkey, Sadie Novotny, and Brittany Hanson- competed that day. Deion, Amanda, and Olivia received 3rd place while Sadie and Brittany worked with 2 Benton FFA members and achieved 9th place. Individual scores were pretty good as well; Deion in 5th place, Amanda receiving a 9th place ribbon, and Brittany achieving a 10th place score.

Jessica Alderson


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