We will be wrapping up the reminders for you to send in your donation for Vinton Today in a few short days.

Thank you to all of the kindhearted souls that have taken the time to send in a check to support this effort!

If you just haven't gotten to it, please do it now.

We will wait right here while you find your checkbook, and stamp that envelope and address it to:Vinton Today Fund, P.O. Box 477, Vinton, Iowa 52349

As always, this is one of those times where we do the math and look at the number of readers we have and think, if each one would just send in a few dollars from their billfolds, we'd be good.

But many times, most of you are like me, and have good intentions of doing that, but then we forget and fortunately others pick up the slack.

But please, go right now, and make that donation, we need your support!

And as always, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

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