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The Vinton Lions Club and recycling business partner, A-Line, collected a large amount (and a wide variety) of scrap metal, at the fund-raiser culminated Saturday in Vinton.
Many Lions Club members helped unload pick-up trucks and trailers full of bicycles, appliances, and many other metal items, including a small boat.
The final tally of number of pounds collected and amount raised will take a while to compute, and a few more items remain to be collected.
Yet, said Lions Club President Alan Woodhouse, the scrap metal drive exceeded expectations. The Lions filled eight 30-foot roll-out containers and one or two semi-trailers with appliances, including 100 from local appliance stores.
A-Line will have to strip, sort and weigh everything before the Lions know exactly how much they were able to collect, and how much money this project raised.

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What a great idea! This was a win-win for BOTH the Lion's Club AND community! I hope this turns into an annual event. It'a a great way to keep our city "clean".
By: Angie Mullenix on May 12th 1:24pm

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