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Renee's story helped raise money for the Garrison library project; these photos tell the story.

A month ago, on April 1, we shared the story of a Garrison girl named Renee, and her vision for a new library in Garrison, where the storm of July 11, 2011, destroyed the historic downtown building.

That story which readers saw on Vinton Today (and later, on other area media) helped spread the word about the need.

The children of Garrison asked us to share their story, in pictures.

You can see that story in pictures by clicking on the first photo in this story. Also, click HERE to see Renee's story and find out how you can help.

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Comments (2)

That is wonderful to read! Thank you for the great follow-up!
By: Tina Vasquez on May 1st 4:38pm
yes, you CAN change the whole world :)
By: Julie Zimmer on May 2nd 1:09am

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