Vinton Unlimited's Destination Vinton Committee has some exciting news...the buses are coming to town!
That's right...our Destination Vinton committee has been working very hard over the past couple of years to begin marketing all of the great things we have to offer visitors to our community. After countless hours of work, phone calls, emails, and promotion, we're excited to bring the first bus tour of 2014 to town on Tuesday, May 6th!
They will be arriving in town around 9:30 am and begin their day at the Iowa Braille & Sight Saving School. We will then take them on a tour of the ever-famous Brian Parr carvings. We, of course, will not have enough time to see them all, but we'll be giving them a taste of the creativity our community boasts .
After we take an up close look at the "Gone with the Wind" sculpture, we'll be jumping back onto the bus where they will be driven past the Wall Dog murals. This will be a great opportunity for them to see the unique history of Vinton in a creative way.
Following the short Mural tour, they will enjoy lunch at the Vinton Country Club where they will also have the opportunity to see a couple more Parr carvings. Immediately following a great lunch (around 1 pm), we will head to the courthouse for a short tour & time to shop until they get back on the bus at about 2:20 pm.
They will then make a stop at the Vinton Train Depot where they will learn the history of our depot from Phil Borleske. Following this tour, they will have the opportunity to learn about Hydroponics with Mike Elwick at Old School Produce before heading back home to Centerville, Iowa.
This is a great opportunity for Vinton and the first of many.
There has been a lot of work done to make sure they get a good taste of what Vinton has to offer. Our hope, of course, is for them to come back and join us again in the future either as a group or individually.
We look forward to hosting this group in Vinton and there are a couple of other bus tour groups looking at Vinton later this year. Two in June and one is considering September. We'll keep you updated on the status of these. Some are short stops and others will allow for a full experience of the Vinton Community.
Please do your best as you see these groups to make sure everyone feels like they Belong Here. We want them to come back and join us again in the future, so please help us show them a good time!

Please Note: May 6th is going to be very busy for Vinton! In addition to this bus tour of more than 50 people to our community, Vinton will also be a stop along the Epic Iowa Road Trip! Please use the link below to learn more about this great trip!
There is going to be a lot of activity in our community
this Summer and this is just the beginning!

If you are interested in helping plan any future bus tours or would like to get involved in the Destination Vinton committee to coordinate tourism events, please let me or Sue Travis at FSB&T know. We'd love your help and can always use the input.

This committee meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Farmers Savings Bank at 7:00am.

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Sounds like a fun day is planned. I can't wait for the day when I can go on these bus tours !!
By: Vicky Buckingham on April 30th 1:56pm

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