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Kyle Schemmel plays the chimes with the VSHS band.

Middle School students displayed their art work and middle school and high school band members performed a variety of songs during the annual VS Band Extravaganza Monday evening.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade bands performed, followed by the VS High School band, which played numbers it will perform in the upcoming Festival in Marion.

Amy Sharar's art students had their projects on display in the lunch room; many families browsed the displays as the students explained their projects to parents and grandparents.

Middle School Band Olympics

Andrew Sampson is still the champion VSMS long-tone gold medalist.
The senior band member won the Long Tone event in the 2010 VSMS Band Olympics, holding a tone for 44 seconds.
His younger brother, Evan, won the 2014 Olympic event this year, but with a comparatively short time of 32 seconds.
The Sampsons were just two of a couple dozen band members who received recognition for Band Olympics.
Middle School Band Director Jodi Biershenk holds the Olympics every four years, in conjunction with the Winter Olympic Games.
The 2010 winners had the honor of presenting the medals to the 2014 winners.
Both are listed below:
Long Tone: Gold, Evan Sampson (32 seconds); Silver, Katlyn Clemens (30 seconds); Bronze, Cody Breck-Miller, 27 seconds.
Speed Drill: Gold, Lela Aondafar, 20 seconds; Silver, Taylor Berry, 29 seconds; Bronze (tie) Olivia Coder and Grace Horst, 40 seconds.
Scales: Gold, Baylee Bruce (3 scales); Silver, Becca Steffen (1 scale).
Practice Hours: Gold, Maddux Earhardt, 7 hours, 40 minutes; Silver, Sara Schminke, 6 hours; Bronze, Madison Rippel, 5 hours, 40 minutes.
Vocabulary: Gold, Meredith Glynn, missed 4; Silver, Matt Andreesen, missed 7; Bronze, Elijah Mackey, missed 8.
2010 VSMS Band Olympics
Long Tone: Gold, Andrew Sampson, 44 seconds; Silver, (tie) Jordan Evans and Dalton Peterson, 28 seconds; Bronze, Desitny Loney, 26 seconds.
Speed Drill: Gold, Ashley McKenna, 29 seconds; Silver, Raechel Wehage, 36, seconds; Bronze, Lucas Murray,37 seconds.
Scales: Gold, Liz Fischer, 7 scales; Silver, Jacob Gosse, 3 scales; Bronze, Melanie Lovell, 1 scale.
Practice Hours: Gold, Kayla Taylor, 33 hours; Silver, Zach Uthoff, 16 hours; Bronze, Alyssa Cantrell, 14 hours.
Vocabulary: Gold (tie) Emma Lippman and Hannah Seitz, 94 percent; Silver (tie) Rachel Gordon, Jacob Isbell and Caleb Bendull, 91 percent; Bronze, (tie) Caitlyn Kruckenberg, Sara Jorgensen, Hannah Shafer and Daniel Janssen, 86 percent.

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