Just the sound of the beeper to remind you to take a few minutes and send in a donation toward Vinton Today's annual expenses and needed upkeep.

Many of you have sent in a donation and I know there are many more to whom it has simply slipped their mind.

We have currently skipped past our 9 Millionth, yes that's MILLIONTH, visit to the site!

I don't think when we started we dreamed we would have as much traffic as we did...well, I know we didn't, thinking back to a couple website crashes, being reassured that it wouldn't happen again and then WHAM! :) What a WONDERFUL problem to have!

However, with that WONDERFUL news, of course, requires more money to host a monster this size each year!

This story is the 12,206th story we've added to the site in a little over our 4 years of existence!

We are in the hundreds of contributors, over 100 THOUSAND emails to bring you the news, and 2 very happy editors!

Our support system is brought to us by your kind words, and your generous support.

Please take a few minutes to send a donation to this effort. Think of it as an investment in our community.

This money does NOT go into the Close pocketbook, but right back into the website!

So before it slips your mind again, here's the address!

Vinton Today Fund

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Vinton, IA 52349

And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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