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It's breaking news!

Vinton Today, a tiny website operating out of tiny Vinton, Iowa, has just had our 9 MILLIONTH visit!

Yes, you read that right, our 9 MILLIONTH visit!

We just celebrated our 4th year in business, we've gotten to the point that the "big guys" are now watching our website for their news, something that all of you already knew!

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU, for the wonderful 4 years, for all of your attention given to our stories, our advertisers and especially to our dear community...

Vinton and Vintonians, you are simply the best!

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Comments (6)

way to go!
By: Chris Harwood on April 17th 12:59pm
By: Renee Stephens on April 17th 1:28pm
Awesome, keep up the good work it's exciting to watch. Loel
By: Loel Fink on April 17th 2:12pm
Proud to have been a small part of your success!

Editor's Note: A very big part, actually!!!!
By: Lu Karr on April 17th 2:27pm
Congratulations!! I look forward to reading the Vinton Today every morning. You are doing a great job.
By: Brenda Hackbarth on April 17th 2:53pm
Congratulations! I appreciate Vinton Today for keeping me in touch with Vinton, Garrison, and more of Benton County from afar.
By: Chrys Young on April 17th 2:56pm

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