A local women’s group will be helping area youth celebrate their graduation from high school. The celebration will recognize students who have beat the odds to succeed and may not otherwise be able to celebrate their accomplishments. This initiative will focus on helping students in the Vinton-Shellsburg school district who may be homeless, in foster care, living in a shelter, or living on their own. It is anticipated that the group will help three to four Vinton Shellsburg graduates this year.

The group’s goal is to help the students receive the things typically associated with the high school graduation such as senior pictures, invitations, cakes and refreshments for their celebration, as well as items needed as they transition out high school and head off to college or their first apartment. Businesses, churches, organizations and members of the community can help celebrate an outstanding achievement by these students by giving a gift, providing a service or by making a donation.

For more information, please contact Erin Monaghan at 319.241.1817, Heidi Schminke at 319.472.4543 or Barb Rego at 319.472.3034.

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Thank you for making this a mission for our students and caring ! !
By: Eric Upmeyer on April 17th 7:29pm
Eric, thank you for the kind words.
By: Barbara Rego on April 18th 8:14pm

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