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Jody Wood Nelson will run again in Boston Marathon; she heard the blast from bombs in 2013.

Competing in the Boston Marathon this Monday will certainly be an emotional experience, said Vinton native Jody Wood Nelson.

For Nelson, the daughter of Joe and the late Judy Wood of Vinton, running in -- and finishing -- last year's Marathon had been a celebration of healing and an important part of her grieving process, after her mother's death of cancer, followed by her father's diagnosis of lymphoma.

Then she heard the explosions, and soon realized she had survived yet another tragedy: The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.

While nobody whom she knew was injured, the bombing attack had an intense emotional impact on Nelson.

"I cried for those injured...for those who had lost their lives," she recalls.

A few days later, she shared her thoughts with Vinton Today readers:

"How could this happen to such a positive, uplifting, amazing event?" she asked. "Moments earlier we had all been on Cloud Nine. We had come so far -- not only physically but more importantly, emotionally. Once again life had changed, suddenly, for the worst."

But this year, says Nelson, she expects only "a well-deserved happy memory."

Running friends she has met through other races will participate in the event; her boyfriend, Neil, will also be among the spectators.

"I am very grateful to be running with many of my running friends that I have met through local races. Yes, this will be an emotional run for me; it is hard to describe but I am looking forward to Monday," she says.

One more "cool thing," says Nelson: "My digits on my bib number (19466) actually add up to 26 -- the number of miles I will run."

See the story of Nelson's running in the 2013 Boston Marathon HERE.

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Comments (3)

You GO GIRL! Rooting for you all the way!
By: Angie Mullenix on April 17th 1:49pm
Good luck on Monday . Keep the positive thoughts in mind. And breathe a sigh of accomplishment when you cross the finish line .
By: Vicky & Kent Buckingham on April 17th 2:04pm
I am always grateful for the support from my hometown and those close to my heart. A sincere thanks.
By: Jody Nelson on April 17th 8:53pm

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