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It was an exciting day today at both Tilford and Shellsburg, as students came to school to experience “A Day at Preschool.” Students who will be 4 by Sept. 15th this year were invited to explore what a day at Tiny Vike’s Preschool looks like. Students had the opportunity to become familiar with the building, meet the preschool staff, and meet new friends.

Although it was a short 1 ½ hours of preschool experience, students were able to participate in several activities. They enjoyed exploring the learning centers, spending time being creative with art material, listening to stories, joining in a music activity, and of course took time to enjoy a snack with their new friends. Even though students only spent half the time of a typical 3 hour day at preschool, it gave students a flavor for what takes place 4 days a week at Tiny Vike’s Preschool. It was a busy day for the 50 students at Tilford and 22 at Shellsburg.

As students were reunited with their parents at the end of their morning, the smiles on the student’s faces and a new book in their hand, confirmed that Tiny Vike’s Preschool is a great place to learn and meet new friends!

Any child that missed the opportunity to join us for the day is welcomed to set up a time to visit Tiny Vike’s Preschool. There is still time to enroll your child for the 2014-15 school year.

Simply go to VSCSD and click on Tilford or Shellsburg Page or Call 319-436-4728 Ext. 201 (Tilford) Ext. 501 (Shellsburg).

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