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Ag Day: Benton County Farm Bureau Federation President Dustin Schirm presented 2 $100 gift cards.

Farmers put food on our plate, produce fiber, fuel and renewable resources, while protecting our land, air and water. National Agriculture Day was March 25, 2014. Ag Day is about recognizing, and celebrating, the contributions of agriculture and the value it plays into maintaining a strong economy.

The Benton County Farm Bureau Federation celebrated National Ag Day at Fareway in Vinton. Farm Bureau leaders were on hand visiting with shoppers about agriculture. They gave away two $100 Fareway shopping sprees to local shoppers, along with $2 off coupons for grocery purchases. Consumers were asked fun questions to get them to think about how much agriculture touches their everyday lives.

Benton County farmers are blessed with fertile soil and an environment that is ideal for growing crops and raising livestock. We can feel fortunate knowing that our food is being grown and raised by neighbors, farmers whose families have worked the land for generations and have remained committed to producing wholesome food and protecting our natural resources.

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